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Welcome to Q Medical & Surgical Specialist Suites!

At Q Medical & Surgical Specialist Suites, we pride ourselves on being a premier healthcare destination that offers comprehensive and convenient medical services. As a one-stop healthcare clinic, we bring together a team of multiple specialist doctors who cover a wide range of medical disciplines. With their expertise and dedication, we ensure that our patients receive the highest quality of care across the length and breadth of medicine.

Located on the beautiful Northern Gold Coast, Q Medical & Surgical Specialist Suites has become a significant benchmark in the region. Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for our patients, where they can feel at ease knowing they are in capable hands.
We understand that your health is of utmost importance, and we strive to make your healthcare journey as convenient as possible. With 200 specialist doctor sessions per week, we offer flexible appointment times to accommodate your busy schedule. Whether you require a consultation, diagnostic tests, or specialized treatments, our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way.

Learn about Pimpama Health Precinct

Located in the heart of Pimpama, adjacent to the Seven Eleven fuel station, Pimpama Health Precinct is a premier commercial building dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of health facilities and services. With a focus on convenience and accessibility, we bring together a variety of esteemed healthcare providers under one roof, making it easier for you to access the care you need.
Q Medical & Surgical Specialist Suites
1-stop Healthcare clinics with a team of multiple specialist doctors sessions per week across the length and breadth of Medicine. A significant benchmark Specialist clinic of Northern GoldCoast.
COVID-19 Patient Alert If you have a fever, cough, sore throat, or shortness of breath OR Are a close contact of someone with COVID-19 Please phone ahead and advise our reception staff before attending our clinic. Please follow your local state or territory government face mask rules when attending our clinics.
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